Hue Lights Best Choice Option

Aug 7th

Hue Lights – Philips has realized that it is different the light that is required to read, relax, concentrate … and has reinvented the lighting of the home. Its new Hue Beyond lamps combine two independent light sources that work together at the same time to achieve adequate functional and environmental lighting. With adjustable intensities and timer option. Hue is a lighting system with enormous possibilities that invites you to be creative with light.

Mood Light Lamp

On the one hand, it offers a series of predetermined options that mainly play with brightness and shadows: white hue lights to create an optimal work environment, warm to influence the mood and be able to relax or concentrate, vibrant to increase the energy level. And on the other hand offers completely free options, from a sophisticated selector with which you can get to get 16 million different colors. But how is so much variety possible with just one lamp?

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The secret lies in the 180 applications that have been programmed by the company’s designers and are available on the internet. Each Philips hue lights connect to the smartphone or tablet through the wireless network of the home and is controlled by downloading, to the device, the applications that are desired. Thus, the lighting application induces relaxation through light (starting with red and orange shadows that will fade to the white).