Why Bother with A Torch Light?

Jul 31st

Torch light is one of the most significant advances in lighting technology since the invention of commercial light bulbs by Thomas Edison in 1879. Incandescent light bulbs create light by running electricity through resistive filaments, thereby heating the filaments to very high temperatures so that it shines and produces visible light.

Torch Light Rechargeable
Torch Light Rechargeable

Torch light produces a variety of visible frequencies, producing a pleasant yellow or white tone. The lights also allow the production of narrow beams and they are also inexpensive to produce. However, perhaps more importantly, the losses include: High power consumption – Incandescent bulbs are very inefficient, with over 98% of the energy input emitted as heat. So, in an environment where the head torch is commonly used, the technological loss of a bulb can be very challenging. During a rambling, for example, the suddenness of darkness when negotiating the most troubled areas of the stagnant and dark caves is likely to cause significant harm.

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Torch light is very energy efficient because they have low power consumption (20mA for 5mm white LED). Also, because LEDs are fully dimmable, the new generation of torch heads has several power settings that trade light output for lower power usage. By selecting the power of the rays, the amount of light can be adjusted to the activity and the need for the duration of the illumination.